Monday, March 26, 2012

Meeting for Worship

On Sunday, March 25, students visited the Ramallah Friends Meetinghouse and attended Meeting for Worship. Following Worship, students met with Jean Zaru, Presiding Clerk of Ramallah Friends Meeting, and learned about the history of the Quaker community in Ramallah.

Zaru said that there has been an active and vibrant Palestinian Quaker community in Ramallah since the late 1800’s. In 1910, the community built the Ramallah Friends Meetinghouse and later added another building that was used for community outreach.

She added that the Ramallah Friends Meeting has always played a vital role in the community. In 1948, the buildings and grounds became the home to many Palestinian refugees.

Jean Zaru was one of the 18 religious thinkers and leaders who served on the Council of Conscience, a multi-faith, multi-national group. The Council crafted the Charter for Compassion.